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About us

Jinimax founded in 2014 is a fast growing, dynamic interior design firm located in Bengaluru

Our portfolio encompasses a wide range of interior design projects that encompass  several types design ranging from commercial, residential and institutional projects, to exhibition and furniture design, to landscaping. Our results speak for themselves through our satisfied customers and stakeholders.

Whether you need a 2D layout, a 3D perspective, a 3D animation or anything related to interior design; you can be absolutely confident that Jinimax. is the right business partner for you to help you meet all your needs and realise all your desires.

Wet Glass

Our Process

Transform Your Space With Our Interior Design Services!

R&C Design

Our firm’s designers approach every project with a number of values in mind. We are strong believers in the power of minimalism – using clean, simple forms and stripping design elements down to their essential qualities to create a striking overall effect. This drive to achieve the greatest impact with the least clutter ties into our devotion to sustainability. We believe great, livable spaces don’t have to cost the environment greatly.

Tool Set

Design & Project Estimate

The Space difference is our versatility. Our team are accomplished at working in a variety of fields, whether it be adjusting the design of a villa’s interior, restaurant fit-outs or retail space conceptualization and design. We understand the financial and sentimental value attached to many of the homes  and always strive to do justice to a home’s existing décor and architectural features should you wish to preserve them.

On-Site Consultations

We perfectly align our services to the requirements of your home and your lifestyle, resulting in highly livable, extremely attractive interiors that enhance the existing beauty of the structure and the surrounding environment.

Work Desk

The Finishing


It’s not enough to simply buy a beautiful house. The most appealing, inviting spaces are attuned to the unique identity and preferences of the owner, creating a space that’s a reflection of who they are as a person. We provide innovative, creative home and residential interior design to make every moment of your life beautiful.

Our Quality Guarantee

The best interior concept and design is meant to enhance user experience, while bringing financial value and maximizing the impact of a space. Our interior designers aim to achieve optimum functionality without compromising on your comfort and personal style. We are a forward-looking company that prizes the themes of futurism, minimalism, functionality, social and sustainability.

We provide Quality Product which will have life 

Tell us about your project today.

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